with more than 20 years development and research, Xiang In now has the capability to perform the In Mold Labeling, Iml Labels, Heat Transfer Film, Thermal Film, In mold decoration, in mould labeling technology, iml printing in highest quality



About Us

Xiang In Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in 1997, and has been dedicated to manufacturing and developing of Heat Transfer Film, In-Mold Label, and Heat Transfer Machine. The aim of our company is to assist the clients and to develop sustainable operation.

With a belief of “Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job”, we are equipped with the latest 10-color and 9-color gravure printing machines. In order not to fail clients’ expectation, our self-discipline is set to meet the highest standard of printing and quality control. These insistence not only reduce the following processing loss, but also enhance the product competition in the worldwide market. Especially, we have been constantly renovating our equipment to facilitate our clients and earn their trust.

In addition to the manufacture of materials, we also customize the heat transfer machine to meet the clients’ vary requirements, as well as provide the technical assistance.

We have been holding the spirit of turning the manufacturing industry into the service industry, and with the management philosophy “Superior quality, New product development, Serve Clients” as our principles.

We look forward to collaboratively creating innovate business opportunities and high profit with clients.

How to choose from HTF and IML?

In general, the following principles can be followed:

  • Conditions applicable to Heat Transfer Film:
  1. The product with smooth surface, no spherical or sandblasted surface.
  2. Only need partial painting, do not need completely cover for the product.
  3. Various product specifications, non-uniform specifications or sizes.
  4. Products with a small quantity of single specifications or product which is short-term .
  5. Non-disposable or disposable products.
  6. Product that is large size an volume
  • Conditions applicable to In-Mold Label:
  1. Food containers, especially disposable containers.
  2. Containers that have health and safety requirements.
  3. The surface is uneven or the printing area is a groove.
  4. The color must be completely covered and the specifications should be uniformed.
  5. Single specifications, Single size and long-term large quantities.
  6. Product that is middle size.


Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.

Quality Control at each stage

In Printing

In Slitting

In Die Cutting

Transaction Process

Quotation inquiry from Customers
Quotation Inquiry From Customers
Xiang In provide Quotation to customers
Provide Quotation To Customers
Provide Proforma invoice to customers.
Provide Proforma Invoice To Customers
Making digital proof
Making Digital Proof
Engraving cylinder
Engraving Cylinder
Making Sample
Making Sample
Mass Production
Mass Production